Monday, March 23, 2009

Attainment Of Global Fame

Song production today, an activity that can be hit and miss but today I hit, and managed to sequence most of a song I wrote last week called Dance When The Music Starts. Not a dance song really, more like a Phil Spector style power ballad, but it's happy and sad at the same time which is a good thing. Like painting, music should convey a feeling, have something to say and be pleasant. In many ways my music is like an audio version of my paintings; at least now I see that they are the same thing seen from different viewpoints.

In the afternoon I did more composition work on an important painting planned for the year, Attainment Of Global Fame. It's designed to represent and perhaps self-invultuate success, and includes a floating male figure, in a pose more akin to a "Venus". There's an angel too which is difficult for me, an abstracted crowd and other things that are difficult to model and make this one a challenge. The composition is sufficiently impressive for me to consider making it larger... which adds yet more complexity and time to the whole process. A male model and a studio would make this painting much easier. Perhaps the more difficult path is the better one to learn by. My figures might look a tad "dead" like those of Luca Signorelli instead of the living ones of Michaelangelo, but learning to paint like Michaelangelo is better than just copying a real model, which anyone who can draw can do.

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