Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I transferred "The Lightning Of Creation" to the panel for painting today. Considering my other obsession of song writing I noticed that my music lacks enough flowness, looking more like A than B. When coming home from a trip to restock on A4 paper I was brimming with so much confidence that I became the beginning of Beethoven's 7th symphony, his most masterful opening (the first movement is a symphony in itself) and then I made it more joyous by raising the second chord and removing the meandering bit. Oh, writing great music is so easy when done in your head! One of my ultimate ambitions is to re-produce at least Beethoven's 9th symphony on electronic instruments and add bits here and there. I so wish I was better than I am at painting and at expressing music. Inside I feel so much better than my amateurish and mediocre output indicates. From today I must aim higher! I must excel!


John Salmon said...

"Inside I feel so much better than my amateurish and mediocre output indicates." You are far too modest Mark. Only you can see the tiny blemishes and shortcomings. People who see your work or hear your music don't see or hear it with the same hyper-criticallity (did I just make up that word?) that you employ. And, hey! whatsmore you are doing something you love and that will show.

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks for the support as ever John. I think hypercriticality IS a word! Perhaps the trick is not to believe in criticism or praise too fanatically. But I still think I could do better!