Sunday, March 01, 2009

Calm, Or Something Like It

Oh what days. I'm now glazing The Silkworm and like most painting I find it all works best when I have many solid hours alone totally away from the worries of the world and away from people in particular. During those moments of tiredness and wistful emotion after a long day of painting I find the chinks in my armour are all too easy to stimulate and vibrate apart and, as it so happens I've been vibrated a lot over the past few days and so have been going up and down and all sorts of ways when all I wanted to do was stay calm and paint alone without interruptions.

It's my own fault. I'm more intellectual than emotional but I have a fetish for strong feelings and especially enjoy and am vulnerable to having my harp strings vibrated.

However, The Silkworm. Three days down and all on track. The headaches and heartglows haven't substantially affected the painting one way or the other but those things sure have affected my health negatively. Only the windmills remain to be painted and I now sincerely hope that I can get a good night's rest, cure this two day headache that is making my head explode, address the spasmodic muscle on my right hand side that gives me terrifying pain each time I raise my right arm too high, and then by this time tomorrow I should be able to call this painting done.


John Salmon said...

I know that many of the bygone masters suffered for their art Mark but did it do them any good? Look where they are now. It's not worth putting your health at risk for a little ole painting.

Queue for you to respond with highly intelligent philosphical reason why it does matter to you.

Anyway, your like having your strings vibrated do yah? PLUCK! Take that you bounder, and that, and that.........

John Salmon said...

That should have been QUE or CUE I oh I don't know, but it' not queue.

Mark Sheeky said...

Well they ended up dead either way. Did it do their art any good? That is the question.

Fortunately I like moaning and do enjoy a bit of suffering when really there's not much wrong with me. I expect I'll be the one left smiling when I've plucked everyone else's strings. But shhh, don't tell anyone. If word gets out I'm well balanced and contented I'll be finished.

"Que" that's the word that all Scrabble players think exists!!!