Thursday, March 05, 2009

March Plans

Although I will never do many of the things that ordinary people do, I will do some things that nobody will ever do. I want to aim high this month, my last before I start painting full time in April.

I've wanted to write a sequel to my music, The Spiral Staircase for ages, it will be like a second symphony because there is no percussion and the melodies are more important than the timbre of the instruments. I'll try to write and produce that in one week (T.S.S. took 10 days in 2002). Then I'd like to write a novel in the following week. I've just bought an audio recorder because I aim to, and will have to, dictate it. I've already outlined the plot. Then, if all goes to plan, the following week I'll visit my friend Emma and I'll do remixes of two of Steven's songs for an album he wants to release in Japan. And in the last week of March, finalise drawings and plans for the paintings in April. I must rise to this challenge which is already looking extremely tough!

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