Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Frames

My first solo exhibition takes place in June this year and for that I wanted to have some low priced drawings for sale. For this I needed a low cost frame that would be still up to exhibition standard; physically tough, and able to take mirror plates and glass.

I decided to take two lengths of wood; one 25x10mm and one with a smaller depth 25x6mm. I cut, glued and stapled the thicker wood into a 20cm square (pictured) and will do the same for the smaller wood but make it 10mm smaller so that it fits over the top creating a recess. These should be really tough frames, easily capable of taking one of my wood panels never mind the drawings. The material cost is under £4 per frame too, excluding the time and mirror plates, but even at £10 each glazed and ready (which is a reasonable estimate) I can charge £30 per drawing with the 30% commission and end up with something for the artwork itself.

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