Saturday, March 07, 2009

Of Mice And Men

Well my plans for a grand slam of creativity this month have hit the buffers. A sound effects job and the need to paint a new layer on the silk painting tomorrow means that there is no hope of finishing any music by the end of next week.

I wrote the track/mood/vision listing last night though. The Music Box will be my first completely surrealist album of instrumental music. In retrospect, all of my music somehow did reflect my personality at the time of writing, perhaps all music does from Beethoven to Mike Oldfield, but perhaps those people chose and edited with too much care instead of sticking to the instant feeling and idea and then leaving it; in effect I've developed this in an instant like I do with my paintings.

My plan now is to work on this music this month and save the writing idea for another time. Writing literature requires so little skill and intelligence that, once the ideas are sketched out, I can happily do all that stuff in a few decades when my brain had mostly melted and my tremulous hands and thick yellow eyes fail my painterly effervescences.


John Salmon said...

Listened to your sample tracks for your Twelve Seasons Album Mark. I am realy impressed. I thought I read in one of your posts that you devised some programs for making your music. I'd be interested to know what you did use to create that album.

Mark Sheeky said...

Perhaps my proudest achivement is that software. It's called Noise Station II, it's a synthesizer and effects processor and a sequencer too. It's pretty powerful; 24-bit internal processing and supports as many tracks as memory allows. I wrote it years ago but it's still underpowered on my 2ghz CPU. I knew when I wrote it I knew that it would need 5ghz to play everything in real time. It's the only software I use for music, it does everything I need. I'm most proud of some of the reverb algorithms I had to develop because they're not easy. In fact I don't know much about maths at all, GCSE C that's all so I had to just learn a bit and copy a bit from examples on the Internet, but ultimately I had to program all of the DSP effects for Noise Station, over 70.