Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Twelve Seasons

My lastest music album The Twelve Seasons is now on sale, on CD by download from www.marksheeky.co.uk. This represents my latest instrumental music and contains a mix of styles and moods.

Track examples can be heard on the The Twelve Seasons page on my website, here.

CD prices are currently £12.99 including international postage. Downloads in MP3 or FLAC formats are currently £6.99. Each CD order includes an exclusive photo-card of the album cover artwork.

I'm pleased with this one. It's my longest album and has a lot of time in it, the early tracks date from 2005 and the latest ones were written right before mastering at the end of 2008. As such the range of musical styles is larger than you normally get on one album. Tracks like Summersong have lots of interweaving winding melodies and fugues, but the dance ones like The Dance Of Spring are incredibly simple melodic trance music.

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