Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well, yesterday's hopes for new music came to nothing. I have written the main themes on paper and the main story, but the essential production side was elusive and I tended to do a bit and then drift off thinking of other things... basically writer's block, because I wasn't in the mood. I went out in the afternoon and bought and cut some wood for framing and so managed to do something productive.

As usual, when I'm painting all I can think about is the music and other things I want to do, but when doing those things all I can think about is painting. When out I saw a tremendous dark cloud and instantly envisioned a mountain like the hand of a god lifting someone higher, and on top was a lone figure reaching up and grasping a lightning bolt from the violet-grey sky, it was the spark of creativity. That very positive image proved that I still had something there. I might even paint that.

I will refocus on music for a bit, but postpone The Music Box which would be mainly done for artistic reasons. Instead I'll try to remix the Gunstorm song and perhaps some other songs I've done with Steven. He tells me that the song is an underground hit that is growing in popularity, and it could use a remix for an up and coming album of his.

I've been losing focus too much this month and have been thinking of people a bit too much. Back to my solitary path. I conclude that without the willpower to block out the world I would do exactly the same work, but take four times as long.

P.S. Thank you, Sal.

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