Friday, May 22, 2009


Another poem written today, below. I'm trying to write a short story and it is good practise. I'm not much of a writer because I don't read but I am very analytical and can decipher; description, emotion, characters, speech, actions, scenes, thoughts. Each part of a story conveys a part of those and like a painting the fundamentals of writing are the same; the story and meaning is paramount, and the emotion, and the beauty of the language of secondary importance. As sad day, for me, spent working on Perfection and Necroamoria but I'm not very happy with it and have felt tired and empty all day. I'll try again tomorrow.

Never Be Far

Whether in the next room
or in the next country,
or in the next world,
or close to that star;
I'll love you and feel you
like a light bulb inside me.
If I pretend that you love me
you'll never be far.

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