Sunday, February 07, 2010


Today I uploaded some of my old limericks to my website. The big page from 2004 had been up there for some time but I had written the odd one since so I thought I add the lot. The page is here.

Here's an example:

A man with a hump was afraid
after seeing a doctor he'd paid.
The doc said "Stand there,
Close your eyes and prepare."
And then he got out a big spade.

...and some are genuinely educational..!

"It is true that the world is a ball."
said Sir Issac engaged in a fall
"As I fly through the air
the inverse of the square
is the force it exerts on my all."

Enough said.


Sheila said...

OMG your talent never ceases to amaze me! I'll have to go back and read the limericks from the other years but so far, Cowboy Pete and Penguin Rose are two of my favorite!

Kathy said...

There once was an artist named Mark; Whose work did in me light a spark; And now I think more: About
how not to bore; When before my canvas I park.

hwfarber said...

I like your limericks.

Andrew Williams said...

Mark wrote a whole list of limericks some time ago - they varied from the sublime to the surreal. Hunt them down and publish them, mister!

PAMO said...

WOWSIE!!! I said it JUST LIKE THAT!! I love limericks and yours are fantastic!!! WOWSIE!!

Mark Sheeky said...

My long time favourite was Uncle Elvis the Ludo player, oh oh and little Ruby Raboo who ate matches. Thanks everyone. I've been inspired to write one for this year! I must get round to doing some art. I feel so drifty this week.