Saturday, February 06, 2010


Busy. My music work is done for the most part and today I finished the nine frames I was working on. Last night was the preview at the Cubby Hole of an exhibition by my friends Katherine Laird and Jean Briers. I'm due to open there in four weeks. My daily poems continue and tonight's was inspired by the mist outside and a painting of an owl by Jean.

The Owl

Mist covers tangled trees,
white and soft.
Fresh wood smell below and aloft,
as moonlight's glow casts blue rays wide,
and low.

High in a tree,
cast in silver skin and copper free
an angel sits.
He watches me.

Great round eyes,
shine like jewels.
Smooth and deep like a cold black lake.
Sight that takes in every glimmer
and shimmer, and glint.
Ears that track each hint of prey.
Each tiny morsel,
eking out each fast heart day,
in warm earth below,
so far away.


Sheila said...

Oh my Mark, you are the Renaissance Man. So talented and gifted in all the arts. Lovely poem, full of imagery congrats on the future solo show! Now I just have to listen to some of your music.

John Salmon said...

Hey! You've got to slow down a bit Mark. You're making me dizzy.

No, that's not true, you're making me feel guilty.

Why can't I pack so much into one day?

Kathy said...

A truly beautiful and descriptive poem. Love it!