Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've had an eclectic few days. On Monday I made a short film with Sue Mascarenhas. The stars were knitted beings called Floobs and the aim of the project for Sue was to make a short film for children like an episode of The Clangers. My aim was a Clangers parody. In the end I think we both succeeded! It was my first go at film making and was lots of fun, and all done in about five hours. Everything was improvised and the soundtrack was recorded live in one take. I'll be uploading the video onto YouTube and will post it when it's there.

On Tuesday I collected the paintings from the Down To A Fine Art gallery. Sadly it was the last exhibition there and I wish Jaine the best of luck with her future ventures there.

Today I've started work on two simple self portraits, a pair called the dreamer and the dream. The drawing was completed in about an hour and I've cut the panels and given them a sealing coat of GAC100. Priming tomorrow, or later today if I find the energy. Flooby flooby!


John Salmon. said...

Hi Mark, thanks for your remarks on the eulogy by the way.

Yes. Films, YouTube Videos and the like. This is something I've been playing with lately and thoroughly enjoying it. There's such a wide scope for creativity. I'm hoping to do some chroma-key videos soon playing the harmonica with some of my paintings changing in the background.

Trouble is it's taking me away from my painting but it is fun.

Be sure to let us know when yours is on YouTube.

-Don said...

Mark, You are truly a Renaissance Man... film is just another medium to add to your repertoire...


Kathy said...

Another feather in your cap! Are there no limits to your imagination and skill set?? The floobs are cute! I especially like your concept for the dual portraits and can't wait to see them!

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. I was really persuaded to do this by my friend Sue, so thanks to her because it was lost of fun, and all done in about 5 hours total which is good for something with about 40 shots. It was edited on a Mac but I've just tried some free software called Avidemux that seems to do the job on my PC.

More floobfilms might well follow. I'd like to try other films too... oh for two me's!!!!!