Friday, April 02, 2010


The first day of underpainting my picture for the Tabernacle competition, the theme is the end of a Welsh poem called Ode to Summer. Part of it involved a painting, so I took the unusual step of making a computer model of a picture frame, thinking that it would make the underlying forms more obvious and the shading simpler than using a real picture frame. Then I decided to add some "reflections" to make it more golden.

That was a mistake because although it looks fine as a computer model, it doesn't look like a real picture frame. Painting it is laborious and unrealistic! So, today I spent about three tedious painting, then unpainting a shape that doesn't look very good in the end anyway. Lesson learned then. That must be a painting lesson number in the two-hundreds!


Kathy said...

I like your frame! Looks realistic to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark- I saw this image on my dashboard and thought maybe you were delving into non objective work. NOT!!! Just think- you don't have to waste that time on future projects. But I agree with Kathy- nice frame.

hwfarber said...

"Make the most of what you lack." Give this a name like "Laborious Reflection Lesson 247 on Golden Faux Frame."

Time is not wasted if we learn.

Mark Sheeky said...

It's okay... but those lines look a bit wood-grainy... and yet not really! They are really streaky reflection lines. As a frame it looked a little too artificial.