Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Following on from yesterday, here are some heroes.

Transparent Maroon (Benzimidazalone). Winsor and Newton. My favourite red. Rich and dark in body. It has a strong blue undertone but when neutralised this fades somewhat. With black and white it can match venetian red exactly, and can become a rich scarlet with a transparent yellow or burnt sienna.

Indian Yellow Deep. Winsor and Newton. A curious transparent yellow, useful with the above red, or viridian. Sometimes mixes are not revealed on the palette, but show only on the canvas due to the ultra-fine particle size. A modern "aureolin" without the expense and blackening of that pigment.

Viridian. I prefer Michael Harding's at the moment. A classic green. Fast drying and very permanent. Let down sometimes by it's lightness and transparency.

Ultramarine. I love Blockx Ultramarine Deep, one of the darkest and most purplish ultramarines.

Chromium Oxide. Has different names. A dense pea green that looks rather drab and ugly at first but tends to look better when used, and in artificial light looks greener that ever! The only green I use in underpainting, although I mix a few from cobalt turquoise and earth yellows.

Well I won't dwell on the more common heroes, I'm sure you have your own. Alas I'm rather unwell again today, which will only make an ultimate recovery more joyous. I aim to paint tomorrow, which to me is more restful than doing nothing.


Kathy said...

All good ones! For some reason I love the hue of indigo the Mameiri produces. It yields amazing depth and richness.

-Don said...

Cool write up on your heroes. I've not used a couple of them, since I don't use oils - but after your delicious descriptions I'm tempted to take them up again...

Get better, for good this time...


Sheila said...

Thank you for listing your enemies and heroes. I'm still discovering what ones I like through hit and miss unfortunately. I definately will try a couple on your heroes list.

How wonderful that you'll be releasing a couple books of your wonderful poems. "Nirvana" is pure bliss.