Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ideas vs. Production

I was in a conundrum today. First I completed the priming of two panels for my dual self- portraits. The preparation work on those is now done and they are awaiting underpainting. The conundrum is that I've got a busy painting schedule yet yesterday I had two ideas for paintings and I found it hard to resist either! I had planned on starting work on the Gethsemane painting but no! I thought I'd flesh out one of the recent ideas and see if I can paint it in time to enter the Threadneedle prize, deadline is June the 1st.

The painting is about the feminisation of society and is pictorially related to both my underground Station Of The Future and the Albion painting. This one has a hulking male figure in darkness. It's designed to be dramatic and firmly in the romantic tradition. I'm happy with today's composition so I'll start drawing tomorrow. It would suit a huge canvas, but I haven't got the time, the canvas(!) or the ability to take a big painting to London anyway, so I'll stick to 50x50cm.

The picture shows a glimpse of the moonlit landscape involved that I quickly made up today on the computer. The drama of the clouds is down to pure serendipity. My moon might well be in front of the clouds.

The second idea can wait. I MUST stop inventing and get painting existing ideas. I've got at least four huge canvases that I've got to work on. I wonder how other artists cope with such problems!


hwfarber said...

I'm waiting for the Nine Ladies.

It's always hard to decide which idea is worthy of the time. Sometimes, the new ideas insist on being first--and, often, that's the right direction.

Kathy said...

The moonlit landscape is beautiful and mysterious. I can understand how difficult it must be to have so many great ideas at once. It's like a log-jam. But, you'll sort it out. I'm wondering what you mean by the "feminization of society." How so?

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks for the comments. The idea came from two sources; the political leaders debating and how they seem to be very "feely" and remarkably un-leadaerlike. That plus the start of watching the film Saw III (a rare choice for me!) which has a dying bald man and a couple of anti-heroines (and villainessess!). The idea just appered in my head and I liked it so I composed it. There are a few minor changes to my original vision but it's mostly the same.

The Nine Ladies will be finished before the end of May, assuming I have the time and health to paint it. That one has a deadline that I'd like to meet.