Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nine Ladies Underpainting Done

The Nine Ladies Underpainting is complete, a day early.

The poetry slam at The Cubby Hole on Friday was a good night and I read two poems. There was a large mix of poetry read out and discovered that poems really come alive when performed. The event was held by a group of poets who publish poetry pamphlets as Supplement Publishing and I bought a copy of Wendy M. Mahoney's work which reminded me of my own.

Tuesday is the pick-up day for the latest and last exhibition at the Down To A Fine Art Gallery in Stretton. Sadly, they have announced the closure of the gallery, so this will be my last visit.

My main goal now is to paint, and my paintings continue to embarrass me with their lack of quality. I must paint something I'm proud of! It's hard to fit anything in besides painting when each picture takes many consecutive eight-hour days and I'm feeling guilty at my lack of socialability towards my friends. I wonder how many painters opt for acrylics or watercolours purely because of the sheer time commitment that oils can create? It makes me wonder if Raphael or Vermeer or Rembrandt had any social life at all.


-Don said...

"Nine Ladies" is coming along nicely. I think you are being a little hard on yourself about all of your paintings, but then, we artists are our own worst enemies - oops, I mean critics.

Personally, I LOVE acrylics for several reasons - one being the ability to apply layer upon layer of color fairly quickly, with its short drying times. I never thought of it as freeing up my social calendar, but I'll add that to my "Like Acrylics" list. Oh yeah, another thing I love about acrylics is the smell - or lack there-of... (this is especially important since I paint in my home, while my family sleeps.)


Kathy said...

Gee, Mark, I wouldn't wsay that your work lacks quality! Just the opposite. You're a meticulous painter and thinker. No detail escapes your expert eye or imagination. It's something we all aspire to and you've mastered it. You should be very proud of your work! I love the figures and forms you've established in this underpainting. They dance, and the central illuminated area about which they all dance is skillfully rendered. This painting really intrigues me, especially because every aspect of it captures my interest and there are hidden layers of meaning. I'm not a huge fan of acrylics and do prefer oils because of the extremely slow drying time and texture of the paint. Admittedly, I don't mind ignoring my social relationships in order to paint. I love the isolation for long periods, and when I emerge we all have lots of fun. As an artist, I'm a hermit.

Mark Sheeky said...

I'm definitely in the hermit category too. Oddly I find the smell of acrylics worse than that of oils. Oils smell kind of natural and buttery but acrylics smell of plastic. I do use a pleasant solvent for cleaning though called Zest-It, which helps a lot.

I like acrylics for the permanence and flexibility. Have just got hold of some Golden Clear Tar Gel. Love it! Already have a few ideas for it.