Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Colours Of Cheshire

I finished this simple idea today. It's taken just under seven days overall; two days to underpaint, two to glaze, the rest with drawing, planning, preparation and that sort of thing.

This is for a competition, the theme is The Peaks an Plains of East Cheshire. I originally rejected this idea because it lacked sufficient depth of meaning, but changed my mind later after painting an ancient landscape which was full of meaning, but perhaps only to me. I'll finish the landscape too later.

Points of inspiration for today!

1. It's better to do anything badly than not do anything at all.
2. Your gravestone must read "Here lies a kind genius!", and your grave must contain a fresh rose laid by the queen.
3. It's better to fail at something ambitious that succeed at something simple.
4. Recognise that you'll probably live to one hundred no matter what you do. Take care of your teeth! Brain! Hands! Eyes! Skin!
5. To rest is nobody's destiny!

Now I've got a few minutes to catch up blog browsing. Let's see what my blog friends have been up to...


Anonymous said...

This style is different from your other paintings that have so many elements. I find it to be very elegant and beautiful!
Best luck with the competition.

Sheila said...

Amazing, haunting, mesmering.... wonderful! I love this...Bravo Mark!!

Mark Sheeky said...

Thank you! I've painted a few portrait variations like this, my first I think was a cornfieldy-type one from a few years ago.

jill said...

I want to live to 100 so I can fit in all I want to do. I will heed your advice. Love the painting and good luck with you exhibition tonight

-Don said...

Excellent job, Mark! I hope she does well for you in the competition.


Mark Sheeky said...

Me too Jill! I'm going to aim for 120. Thanks Don I'll be sure to blog the results :)