Friday, March 25, 2011

Nantwich Arts Festival

Still a bit shaky today but work goes on. I've been asked to contribute to Nantwich Festival of Arts, a weekend of arts activities in and around the Nantwich area. One key idea is that the main logo and lettering has been designed and made by different artists, a word each. I've contributed the date numbers, a montage of my paintings which I'll print and hopefully add some lights to (depending on how this looks!)

The festival is the brainchild of sculptor Lindsey Fox. She's an excellent recruiter and she needs to be when funding for this kind of thing is so scarce. The success of the festival depends on a large number of people each contributing a little bit. When people ask me to help with something I tend to say yes! to everything, then later think gosh! why did I say that when I'm far too busy? This time I said no for that reason, and quickly realised I must say yes! to this, and so thankfully did.

Other yes! moments this year will include two projects; one about my home town of Crewe. Crewe is essentially a Victorian industrial town, established by immigrants who moved here for the work. In this project artists express their roots. The other project is to celebrate the centenary of the local theatre, and should consist of memories. Gosh! I'm going so busy; I've got at least 20 classical paintings to paint and release two albums of music too this year!

I've not felt like doing much today and my thoughts keep drifting all over the place. I'm reminded how much art helps me, guides me, calms me, enhances me, empowers me, and connects me with other people, like you.


Sarah said...

I'm very excited about this and think it's a great boost for the town. I've popped a piece about it on my family blog ( and would love to interview yourself and your work in the run up to the event. Please drop me a line at if you're interested. All the best, Sarah.

Mark Sheeky said...

Hi Sarah, cool yes I'm definitely interested. I'll compose an email...