Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Tracing today! And the transfer of the Quest For Pity painting, one for which I have forseen great things. Using oil paint on the tracing paper has worked well, and is best scrubbed very thinly. Almost none transfers onto the canvas accidentally, even when leaning on it quite hard, yet it transfers exactly on the lines using an embossing scribe. I need to find a smaller, tiny weeny scribe though. This smallest one is still a bit big, despite the ball on the end being approx 0.6mm diameter, and this makes the lines much thicker than when transferring drawings onto a panel. I'm using Schoellershammer 92gsm tracing paper on a roll. I reasoned that thinner paper would curl less, and it has, although tracing paper is so hygroscopic that wrinkling is always a problem. The sheet I used notably expanded overnight making the lines inaccurate by morning.

I was anxious two days ago and wanted to draw a peaceful scene to calm me. Instead I drew this:

It's a cowering rabbit, and a door closed over a peaceful landscape. It seems that peace was closed! After that I drew a hand holding a tree that was springing greens so some progress was made. I'd like to paint both but tick tick tick! Time is so short. Perhaps I'll paint a quick idea today on this glorious sunfilled day, the first of a new spring towards a golden age.


jill said...

I like this drawing, its a great way to work through any bad feelings. I also like your description of your work it gave me lots of ideas in my head for future work. I plan to go to the art class next week, I was dissapointed when i found out it wasn't this week. Thanks for your comments

Mark Sheeky said...

Thanks Jill. It's good to be inspiring. I must try harder to do that :) I hope you enjoy the class when you get there. My club follows the school holidays so was off last week, and I missed Wednesday's because I needed the time to paint. Next week for me too then!