Thursday, July 28, 2011

Too Bee Or Not Too Bee

I've scanned my Summer Bee, ready for delivery in the Cubby Hole exhibition which opens in one week's time. Some V.I.P.s will be at the opening so I'm keen to impress (it's open to the public too!) More later.

For the most part this week though I've been painting the second layer of the giant Lyceum picture. Of note!

1. Raphael used a lot of transparent pigments. This struck me while glazing too transparently and leaving the exact same distinctive marking on my painting as he did on St. Catherine. They didn't have half as many opaque pigments as we do.
2. The top "knobbles" on my gesso are being wiped by the glaze. The underpaint at that point is too weak or too thin (or both). It's so hard to get the exact depth right. Several options to fix this...
3. Ultramarine violet is so weak and transparent. It happens to be one of the nicest colours, so shy, so beautiful but too quiet to be up for much fun. I made a stronger semi-opaque purple from pyrrole crimson and ultramarine. The drapery and swan on this painting are so pretty and detailed that they draw every stare.

I've now planned lots of new paintings and completed more. August should be fun!


Sharmon Davidson said...

I'm completely in love with the summer bee! (I also like the title of the post.) I hope you have good luck with it at the exhibit.

I like the way you personify the ultramarine violet. You're right about the transparency, but it seems you've found a solution. I don't paint in oils, it just seems to be a transparent pigment in general.

I notice we like the same artists- Tanning, Carrington, etc. Did you know Leonora Carrington dies recently?

OK, i've babbled on enough!

Mark Sheeky said...

Hi Sharmon, Yes I remember the day Leonora Carrington died, I posted a short note on Facebook. I think Dorothea Tanning is still going though.. Have you seen any of their work in person? I saw a few a year or two ago. Leonore Fini's paintings were so fine and detailed in real-life, better than I imagined. It's so hard to know what a painting is like from a print or screen image. I saw Tanning's Nachtmusik and the fur cup too!

I love ultramarine violet but it IS very transparent. I'd much rather have it than stainy old dioxazine! The only purple I really use is manganese...

Sharmon Davidson said...

I would sooooo love to see any of their work in person; where did you see it?

Mark Sheeky said...

A special exhibition of women surrealists in Manchester Metropolitan Museum. There were some Frida Kahlos there too if I recall and film of some of the artists in person. It was excellent!