Wednesday, May 20, 2015


So much to report! How fast time shoots by.

First, I've decided to paint only spectacular works again. I often waiver between being as expressive and loose as possible, or technical finery. No path is correct, but I must prove, at least to myself, my complete belief that I can paint as well as any old master. So with a few future works, I will try.

Second, yesterday I performed live music with a band of others for the first time. It was great. I was mostly on keyboard. I must learn (or relearn) a few guitar chords. The event was an art collaboration with artist Sabine Kussmaul in Macclesfield. We designed an area, draped with paper and textiles, and in this installation played music and painted live with others, any artists and musicians that came and went, for six hours. It was a great experience that we aim to repeat.

Third! My next exhibition ESAUM is due to open on Friday. Why show art when art is a show? For this, the hallowed artists that take part will have their art blessed. The artists will be blessed, and those that come, in the Egyptian ceremony that I will enact.