Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Songs of Life, now on Amazon

I am feeling filled with joy and artistic energy. Whether this is warranted or not! I'm filled with a new true belief that my art is destined for greater things. So much art these days appears to be tired, lacking in thought, lacking in skill! Lacking in depth! In emotion and meaning, and I will continue to change this by weight of artistic quality. Only by making the best art can success flow, and I see my path as clearly as any lone hero. A great heroic art is coming to this tired world...

and, you can be a part of this great quest. My book Songs of Life is now available on Amazon.

Songs of Life is the poetry of William Blake, his "Songs of Innocence" and "Songs of Experience" from the 1790's. Most people must know some of the works there, from Tyger Tyger to The Sick Rose. Here I have re-illustrated the entire canon in full colour, and published the book with Pentangel Books.

Amazon ship the book worldwide, and this, this perfect gift of rarity and inspiration can be yours. I am a true believer in real books rather than e-books. I like e-books, but real paper and text has been scientifically proven to increase brain activity, memory of the text and have other certain cognitive benefits. This, my second book, will I'm sure be second of many. Why not aim to collect all of the first editions while you can?

My first book, 365 Universes, is available on in both limited edition hardback (100 copies) or open edition softback.

Songs of Life is the perfect gift for the aspiring artist or poet.

Update: May 2019. Songs of Life was listed on Amazon for a year or so, and a few copies of its first limited edition pressing, if they still exist at your time of reading, are available directly from the author. However, an almost identical version, 'Songs of Innocence and of Experience' by William Blake and Mark Sheeky, is available on Amazon.