Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grasping Lightning

An excellent productive day. I began by preparing three panels for painting then writing the entry below which made me think of some new artistic ideas. I spent most of the day drawing out a painting which turned out brilliantly; it is one described in an earlier blog entry and depicts a man reaching for the sky and grasping lightning. While drawing I kept thinking of and humming a few musical notes I played on the keyboard earlier and gradually lyrics formed. That way I wrote two good songs, one slower ballad and one catchy pop song with tinges of both sadness and joy that could easily be a hit. I'd love Steven to sing that one. Then I wrote the inspirational poem below, inspired by the painting. If my energy holds I will plan two paintings for the little panels of off-cuts I prepared earlier. They are very small and the same size, ideal for a diptych.

I may look lost but I have a mission.
I may look poor but I'm rich in vision.
I may look scared but I am no coward.
I may look weak but I am empowered.

In my great hand I hold a light,
a lighting fire that streaks the sky.
The force of will and holy love
is mine forever until I die.

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