Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Poem

And now, I've just written this. Inspired by the very first bit of the Ingmar Bergman film I saw the other night, Autumn Sonata. It's called If You Could See Me.

If you could see me.
Could see inside,
the real me, here,
where I reside.

If I could show you everything.
What I'm like, and dream of too.
How I feel.
Why I do.
I'd settle for just one like you.

I want someone to know
exactly what I'm like inside.
Exactly what I'm really like.
Not what the others think.

With forty years of closeness,
each conversation, glance and pose,
each word and artwork,
all of those.
You still won't know.
No one knows.

If only I could show one soul,
I wish that it could be,
but all you'll know are these few words.
This tiny piece of me.

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