Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A mix of jobs today. I assembled a frame and varnished a few paintings. One was varnished badly. I'm going to need to work on a new varnishing method. My current one works fine for smaller pictures or those on canvas but large pictures on panel are hard to varnish. The varnish has to be applied very evenly or the slightest flaw is revealed.

I've prepared a board for version two of my bird orbiting a black hole, a picture which today seemed to obtain masterpiece significance! I've been continuing to write a poem a day and today's was calming and inspirational to me, and follows a trend of neurolinguistic poetry, artworks of the sort I sometimes paint. I'll enter it here in case you find it enriching too. My latest plan for these is to release two books of 200 poems each, or something like that.


I am the sun of glorious summer,
the dew of a new day begun,
the child of God.

I am a butterfly with first wings open,
the silver crest of a moonlit wave.
Master of my world,
in control and calmness.
Eyes of wonder like a new born babe.

I am the sea, in boundless variety,
able to select the path that is best.
I feel love in my chest,
for all things, and me.
I am free.

I feel the delight of a better dawn each night.
I know that everything is alright.
I am well, and see myself from a distant sky.
The world is mine and the best it can be.
My gentle smile will never cease.
I am peace.


Kathy said...

Your poem is rich in imagery and meaning. Truly wonderful and calming. I'm in awe of your abilities as a poet, musician, and painter.

Since I often paint on large canvases, I varnish them using aerosol damaar varnish. That way I can achieve an even finish.

-Don said...

All is right with the world...

Great poem.